Buying, Servicing, Fire Extinguisher in Hereford. Choosing a fire safety expert you can trust



Firecall Ltd. are a fire safety company based between Cheltenham and Evesham. We have found, over the 10 years we have been established, we have received increasing enquiries in Herefordshire for Fire Extinguishers, hence this site has been created.

The market for Fire Extinguishers is saturated. Not only are we competing with large national companies but also cheap online imports. So what makes us stand out? Customer Service, Reliability and doing the job right!

Our Experiment

We did an experiment. We tried on the shoes of a customer in Hereford looking for a Fire Extinguisher. We listed the first 50 Fire Extinguisher suppliers we found. Half of these were internet companies, since these days we all like to ‘have a Google!’.

Internet Only Companies

Of the internet companies 24% didn’t mention the need to get the extinguisher commissioned on site. This would add a substantial cost to their indisputable great prices.  

A further 32% offered very cheap extinguishers which had no kitemarks etc. so their provenance (and reliability of the extinguisher!) was questionable.

A dubious pre-commissioned option was offered by 40%. This is a rather unsatisfactory loophole exploited by some online companies. The extinguishers come with the paperwork which is supposed to be issued on-site. The process of commissioning checks the fire extinguisher has not been damaged in transit and is fit for purpose. We all like a bargain, but would you want to risk picking up a fire extinguisher in your hour of need and finding it didn’t work?

We found one company (4%) that offered a service to commission the extinguisher, but on further investigation found they didn’t cover Hereford.


Fire Safety Companies

We put ourselves in this category. A business with engineers and premises, rather than a virtual entity.

Of the companies we found 60% were not local businesses. There is nothing wrong with this per se, but there are three points we would raise, and let you answer for yourself.

  1. How much does the fuel cost them to get to my premises, who will end up paying for this?
  2. If the work is subcontracted, do I really know who I am dealing with and am I likely to get better or worse service?
  3. If a local company gave me bad service, or added hidden charges I would never use them again and they would go out of business. Does this apply to a national company with subcontractors?

If you knock out the national companies we were left with 10 local businesses, with similar credentials. A much more manageable number to choose from!

Our advice (other than come to Firecall!) is to call around for quotes. Don’t assume cheapest is best. Keep in mind that you need to buy the fire extinguisher, have it commissioned, installed and serviced/maintained. Even though you may not need to have the extinguishers serviced for another 12 months it is worth asking for a quote for this. Even if you are now installing all new extinguishers, it is worth taking a long-term view. Many businesses are too busy to shop around and once they have a contact (and a phone number on the Fire Extinguisher) they tend to keep using them.

We recommend you ask these questions when comparing servicing quotes:

  1. How much to come to your premises?
  2. How much to Service each Fire Extinguisher?
  3. Is there an extra charge for replacement of Pins/Seals/tags, which have to be replaced every year.
    At Firecall there is no extra charge.
  4. Older or faulty extinguishers may need to be replaced, reconditioned, or have an extended service.
    Until we are on site we cannot tell you how many extinguishers may fall into this bracket, however we can give you the prices and make an educated guess based on the number and age of your extinguishers.

Remember Fire Extinguishers (and other Fire Safety equipment) should be serviced (commissioned and installed) by a “competent” person. Normally this would mean the engineers are BAFE qualified (this is the case with us).